Consultations and Bookings

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The first consultation can take up to 1hr30min. It is here that I will gather as much information about you and your illness/presenting symptoms as I can.

This will include (but not limited to): sleeping and eating patterns/routines, likes and dislikes, what makes you tick and what brings you comfort, how/when your issue started and what action you have taken to try and manage it, if you’ve got any other issues that need addressing that may (or may not) be related to the issue we are discussing, what you initially presented to me and how you feel in yourself as a whole. All of this information will give me an insight to the intrinsic part of your specific make-up, giving me direction as to how the illness has developed within you specifically.

Initial Consultationup to 90min£60
Follow-upup to 60min£40
Face-to-Face Consultations from Health Consciousup to 45min£40

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to book an introductory call, an initial consultation or a follow-up please click here

This is the tranquil treatment room at Health Conscious in Llantwit Major, where you will find me from 10am – 2pm on:
Friday 27th Jan
Friday 24th Feb
Friday 24th Mar
Friday 28th Apr
Friday 26th May
Friday 23rd June

Feel free to pop in or book a consultation here.