About Me

Homeopath Cardiff

I treat a wide range of health conditions from physical to mental/emotional ailments but I have a particular interest in mental health, children’s health and allergies/intolerances in general as these are subjects that resonate with me most.

It is when I became a mum that I felt the need to look for more gentle and natural approaches to dealing with illnesses. I was searching for natural therapies that worked with my child’s already developing immune system and not “instead” of it. I myself was raised with a holistic view of health and illness in that the whole person should always be taken into consideration as opposed to just the single malaise. That if a person suffers, for example, from migraines, IBS and sleeping problems all these symptoms should be seen as the way in which the Whole is trying to communicate and that the root of the problem often lies not only with the physiological issue but with an overall state of imbalance and that is what a health practitioner should focus on. Furthermore, any and all prescriptions should work towards the resolution of the issue and never at the suppression of it for a possible quick initial result, as the body will find another issue/illness/malaise to communicate through.

Homeopathy has demonstrated to me, that such an approach to health and illness exists and can be very effective. Homeopathy seeks to work with the person to find their optimal state of health and wellbeing. It has taught me that the journey to health isn’t always a quick one and often the causes tend to go above and beyond the mere physical aspects of the illness, especially in more chronic and/or recurring conditions.