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Francesca Avanzini

south wales homeopathy

I’m a licensed Homeopath based in South Wales and a member of the Society of Homeopaths. I’m currently working remotely from home but one Friday a month you will find me practicing from the peaceful consultation room at Health Conscious health shop.

How can Homeopathy help you? As a holistic and individualised approach it can be used to alleviate and resolve any chronic and/or acute condition. It can also be used in conjunction with conventional medicine and treatment.

From digestive to sleeping problems, recurrent chest infections to anxiety and depression, homeopathy can help you regain your balance, well-being and over all health to live your best life. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, painful periods or just need to overcome a cold get in touch and find out how homeopathy can help you.

Mental health homeopathy

Mental Health

Mental Health issues can be very serious and debilitating. Untreated mental health issues can have a deep and lasting effect on your physical and emotional well being. As such it is important you don’t neglect it and instead address it just like you would a physical symptom/illness. Why not try something that is completely natural and has been shown to be as successful as drug-therapies but with no side-effects.

homeopathic practitioner for family and children

Babies, Children and Family Health

Family health is very close to my heart as I am a mother of two, so I know what it means to want the best for your little ones, whilst also trying to keep all treatments as natural as possible. This allows their immune systems to keep strengthening and growing. I have worked with several children (besides my own) with recurring illnesses and behavioural issues with amazing results.


Cardiff homeopathy


Allergies are life-long conditions which tend to be managed and kept at bay with medication which always come with many side effects. From hay fever to food allergies, homeopathy is a gentle and natural way you can to turn to help you manage your allergies and intolerances.

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Here are some of the ailments and issues I’ve helped my patients with:

  • post-op recovery and pain management
  • oedemas
  • rashes and urticaria
  • asthma
  • recurrent ear, throat and chest infections
  • pre and post natal health for both mum and baby
  • anxiety and sleeping problems
  • acute prescriptions for flu, colds and coughs
  • sports injuries
  • autoimmune diseases
  • long covid
  • sinusitis
  • mental health

“The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way”

Samuel Hahnemann


Contact Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-18:00